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   **2017  - Term Dates **       


**2018 - Term Dates **

Term 1  (8 weeks)- 

Manly Vale Community Hall 
Tuesday 6th February – 27th March

NEW CLASSES - North Balgowlah Community Centre (up stairs
 Thursday 8th February - 29th March 

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Term 2  (8 weeks)-  Tuesday 1st May- 19th June

BALI Goddess Retreat - 29th June-Sat 7th July 

Term 3  (8 weeks)-  Tuesday 31stt July - 18th Sep

Term 4  (8 weeks)-  Tuesday 23rd  October –11th December

Discover Belly Dancing! 

“Let your inner goddess shine.”

Learn the exotic art of Belly Dancing in a fun and friendly environment with Julz who has over 16 years of Industry experience.
Belly Dancing is a fun dance which is suitable for all ages, all fitness levels, and all body types.

Why not Improve your fitness level, your posture, your coordination, flexibility and muscle strength, in a fun and friendly environment, while meeting other amazing women, making new friends and having a load of fun at the same time!
 This course will take you on a fun journey of discovering your inner Goddess!
Embrace it and let it shine!

Check out this great Shakira belly dancing clip. You will learn all of these amazing moves in Beginners!
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Beginners and Beyond Belly Dancing
Term 4= Tuesday 10th of October  - 28th November (8 weeks) 
Time =  7.00pm - 8.15pm (1 hr of dancing  15 min warm down/history)
Cost =  8 sessions: $150

What an exciting term I have installed for you! You will begin your beautiful journey into belly dancing where you will discover the beautiful art of this sensual, feminine dance. As I like to call it the dance of the Goddesses.'
Over the eight weeks, you will learn a little about the rich history of belly dancing and the core fundamental dance moves. You will increase your fitness, flexibility, discovering new muscles you never knew you had. And I can't forget to mention you will experience the amazing sisterhood this dance has to offer.

 For those dancers with a little more experience, you will start to master combining your dance moves together, while enjoying the challenge of layering shimmies onto circles and figure eights.
You will become more confident in how to use your arms to frame your body so to compliment your sensual moves. You will gain confidence at improvisation, and learn tips and tricks to use when you're improvising so you may easily access your extensive catalogue of dance moves.
All of this while meeting other amazing women, having lots of fun and laughter, and letting your inner Goddess shine!

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Intermediate Belly Dancing *

Term 4= Tuesday 10th of October - 28th November (8 weeks) 

Time =  8.15pm - 9.30pm (1 hr of dancing  15 min warm down/history)

Cost =  8 sessions: $150

This term holds exciting discoveries for those more experienced dancers with at least 2 terms of beginners under their belt!

We will be focusing on learning new combinations, refining your dancing technique, perfecting isolations and making our pops and locks sharp.
Connecting with your inner emotions as you dance, how to combine our movements (arms, body, hips and feet) to create a fluid flow.

This terms Choreography will be spectacular! We will be learning a fun, upbeat Egyptian Saidi Choreography. 
Saidi ( Cane dance). Saidi dance is a folkloric dance (one of the Baladi dances) from the Sa'id, a rural area in Southern (Upper) Egypt. The dance style includes a lot of energetic, bouncy footwork and horse-styled steps and frequently incorporates a stick or cane, called an Assaya (Arabic for stick).

There will be the opportunity to perform this choreography at community events. 

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Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" page!


How to Enroll

Call Julz on - 0405149595

email Julz

 Before enrolling, please make sure you have read and understood the  "Terms and Conditions of enrollment" (outlined below) 


Making a Payment -

The easiest way to pay for your enrollment is by direct deposit. If you’re doing this, make sure to put your name in the subject field and please email me your receipt. 
I’ll check it and send you your confirmation of enrollment.
Alternatively, you can pay by Cash on the first night, or cheque ( made out to Julia Offner)

Direct Deposit into account -
$150 - 8-week  Adult term course 

 Julia Michelle Offner BSB – 012330 Act No. – 453814162

Cancellation Policy: Sorry, but there are no refunds for missed classes. In agreement with the policies set out by the NSW Office of Fair Trading: Please choose carefully.
 Refunds do not apply if:

- You just change your mind or make a wrong decision
- Other commitments coincide with classes, or you fail to attend classes
- You cancel your enrollment less than seven days before the start of term

Students are welcome, to make up their missed class by joining the class that runs prior or after their regular class on Tuesday nights if arranged in advance. 
If you have exceptional circumstances, Julia is happy to discuss this with you.  


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