What Belly Dancing means to me!
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What belly dancing means and represents to me! 

I discovered belly dancing when I was 13 and have now been dancing for 15 years. This beautiful dance has changed me and brought me to life. It has taken me on a journey of discovering my Goddess empowerment as a female and taken me through the transition of changing from a girl into a woman. Whilst discovering so much about a rich and fascinating culture.
 For me, Belly Dancing is a journey of self-connection with my inner Goddess!! It is a continual journey of self-discovery, one, which is forever evolving!
Belly Dancing sets me free; it allows me to escape in to a beautiful feminine world where there is no self-judgment to a state of Nirvana. It makes me happy, and takes me to a place where I forget my worries and any sadness.
 It empowers me as a female and makes my love to embrace my body and my feminine curves. It makes me love and respect my self for who I am.

Belly dancing brings me to life!!!
Over the past 9 years as a Belly Dancing teacher, I have seen amazing women embark on the same journey of self-discovery that I did. I have witnessed these women go through beautiful transformations. I encourage you all to embrace this beautiful dance and see how it changes you!
 I feel truly blessed to be able to share with all of you my passion of belly dance. I am so excited for the term we have ahead of us.
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