What Belly Dancing means to me!
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What belly dancing means and represents to me! 

I discovered belldancing when I was 13 years old and feel blessed to have now been Belly dancing for 17 years. 
This beautiful dance truly transformed me and brought me to life. 

Belly dancing allowed me to connect with my inner Goddess and supported me in my feminine journey into womanhood. It allowed me to meet other amazing woman, and share in the wonderfully supportive and nurturing dance sisterhood. I learnt about the rich history and so many amazing cultures, and so much more.

 Belly Dancing for me is a continual  journey of self-connection and discovery with my inner Goddess!! I feel I am forever evolving and as a result so does my dancing and teaching. There is always more for me discover, more for me to learn and more for me to share. I just had to share my passion with others, I knew belly dancing would transform their lives, just the same way it has transformed mine. 
When I dance I feel free; it allows me to escape in to a beautiful feminine world, free of judgment, one that is all accepting, nurturing and supportive.
The joy belly dancing brings me is unmeasurable.
It takes me to a place of Nirvana,  freeing me of any worries and any negativity in my life.

 It empowers me as a female and makes my love and embrace my body and my feminine curves. It allows me love and respect myself for who I am. It truly 
brings me to life!!

Over the past 11 years as a Belly Dancing teacher, I have seen amazing women embark on the same journey of self-discovery that I did.
I have witnessed these women go through beautiful transformations.
I encourage you all to embrace this beautiful dance and enjoy every moment, for it will change your life!

 I feel truly blessed to be able to share with all of you my passion of belly dance, both through performing and teaching. 

Happy Shimmies 

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